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Test Day 1: Giorgio Penkov

28th Feb, 2016

Get your Racing Experience NOW !

Get behind the wheel the fastest four wheel racing kart. Race through corners and speed along straights. Fire up some friendly competition and see who’s the best 

Kart Rotax Junior - 23 hp

Best way to experience racing karting if will be your first racing experience.

Chassis: LGK Strike Eagle 2016
Frame: d. 30mm frame from Chrome Molibden steel

Brake system: Radial Rear Only - KABS
Special equipment alluminium/magnesium alloy

Engine: Rotax Junior Evo - 23 hp
Gearbox: Automatic

Tyres: LeCont - Slick - 5"

Perfect for Junior Drivers which are under 18 y/o or Beginner drivers.

Kart KZ 125cc - 45 hp

The most powerfull karting class in the world with Top speed over 200 km/h.

Chassis: LGK Mustang 2016
Frame: d. 30/32 mm mixed frame from Chrome Molybdenum steel

Brake system: Front + Rear Radial Brakes - KABS
Special equipment aluminium/magnesium alloy.

Engine: TM KZ10 - 46 hp
Max Revs - 15 000 rpm
Gearbox: Manual - 6 speed sequential - gear switch without clutch

Tyres: LeCont - Slick - 5"

Perfect choice for Adult Amateurs and Pro Drivers


13 FEB 2016

Latest TM KZ10C - 2016 Engine


Karting-Bulgaria is happy to announce the arrival of two TM KZ10C Engines for the Racing Division. The TM engines are the karting World Champion for 2015.


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